Sunday, November 3, 2013

Black and White Fall Outfits I and My Husband Wore to a Sabbath Fellowship

Once a year we get a fellowship here in our city. Fellowship means all Seventh Day Adventist churches in the area will spend the Sabbath together. Yesterday, we had the choir from Aufenbach perform in the service, it was great hearing wonderful religious songs in Deutsch.

Unfortunately, we had a very bad weather - cold, gloomy and rainy. How different from today´s sunny, relatively bright day. In order to dress the occasion and the weather, I and hubby went for black and white monochrome.

I layered my dotted black and white fit and flare dress with a white pullover and black tights, finished with black patent pumps. I added a black infinity scarf and then pulled everything together with a black double breasted coat.

Hubby, on the other hand, went for a white long sleeves shirt, black tie and black vest, black trousers and shoes, completed with a black long military coat.

I kind of don´t like my hair in this photo. It looks dry and without body. As you see, we´ve just arrived from the service when we took this photo, we had to walk under the rain to get into the parking lot, and I didn´t get good sleep from the previous night. Anyway, in spite of me not looking fresh, I wanted to share this look so I hope you don´t mind.

And of course, our family isn´t complete without our dear cat, Orange. He´s pre-occupied with his toy, the dried stems of tomatoes, that we couldn´t get to make him look at the camera. This is at mom-in-law´s living room. We came to pick up our cat which we left for her to babysit.

I hope your girls have a great weekend. Hugs from Germany.

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