Saturday, November 30, 2013

It´s Gonna be A Quiet Christmas for Us, Our Oma Passed Away Last Week

Sometimes, death knocks at the door when you don´t expect it. We didn´t think that Oma would leave so soon. We knew that she was sick, a cancerous tumor was discovered in her intestine late last year and was removed, but we didn´t expect the cancer to win within just a year.

Oma, my MIL, and I in November 2011 on Oma´s 90th birthday party. I´ve just moved to Germany during this time.

Her health started to deteriorate early this month, and it didn´t stop. We thought she would still make it until next year but we were wrong. Last Thursday I went to check her in her room and to turn on the lights because my mother-in-law was at work. I noticed that her arms were blue and purple and it made me very worried. Her breathing was also labored. I asked her if she´s okay, she slightly opened her eyes but couldn´t talk anymore. I made her drink some water because she seemed thirsty, then I held her hand. She squeezed it.

I went back to our apartment which her just opposite hers, so she could sleep. Then in the evening while I was playing with my cat, MIL rang our phone and told us to come over because Oma seemed going. Hubby wasn´t believing but we hurried anyway. And then in a matter of ten minutes, Oma left. It was like a shock. She was having her dinner, my MIL was feeding her, when she started to look like catching her breath. She didn´t get to finish dinner, she left.

We had her burial yesterday but until now, it still seems like she´s around, sitting in her bed watching TV. It´s just so sad.

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