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Thailand Vacation II: Meeting Up With My Close Thai Friend After Two Years

I´ve always been meaning to tell the story of our summer vacation in Thailand this year but there are too many disruptions, this happens when you´re juggling five professional blogs (this personal blog isn´t even counted). Thus my desire to girl talk about that hilarious vacay is always put to the back burner.

I did give an overall summary of it at the blogazine - I´m Back from Vacation! All About My Three Weeks Getaway in Thailand - but a single post couldn´t cover everything, so I decided to share it piece by piece over here.

Thailand Vacation I: Blue Turtleneck and Python Print Tiered Skirt for Meeting Up with Friends

Annie and I in February 2011 after our Deutsch class.
While in Bangkok I managed to meet up with my friend, Annie. She´s half Thai and half Chinese but because she grew up in Thailand, she couldn´t speak any Chinese language anymore. We met up in a German Language class early in 2011. I was prepping to take the Deutsch A1 test for my Family Reunion visa to Germany (so I could be with my husband) during that time. We enrolled for the same beginning class.

I was the only Flipino in the class, everyone was Thai. Everyone was also professional. I wasn´t comfortable with my classmates, I found most of them trying to forge a statement about themselves proving that they´re smart because they could quickly pick up the language. I don´t like show off people. Also, I wasn´t in the class to act smart, I was there to have an introduction to the language and develop my skill as quickly as possible. I was a workaholic high school teacher who juggled full-time teaching job, debate training, private tutorials, and blogging. On top of that, I had to learn Deutsch quick, pass the test, and get a German visa by middle of that year.

Still Annie and I in 2011. She worked as a promo girl for a brand underwear. I waited until she´s done with her job so we could dine out.
I remember Annie coming late on the first day of the class and she sat beside me. I had a positive impression of her, she looked friendly to me. And then she speaks English! I was meant to find a friend, and a good friend at that.

However, I found our Deutsch class slow. There were twenty five students in the class and the teacher had to make sure everyone picks up the topic before she moves on to the next. I didn´t have the luxury of time so I decided to discontinue after the first course and do the remaining three courses on my own. And for the record, I learned the language intensively for two weeks using a book reviewer, CDs, and google translate. Soon after I took the A1 German language test and pass it with 85% rating. My classmates were still continuing impressing each other in the classroom for the next one year.

Annie and I at Siam Paragon, Bangkok, in September 2013.
Annie became very busy with her jobs too (as she herself is a workaholic who spends her weekend holidays doing part-time jobs) that she had to quit the German school. But in spite of our business, we found time to meet up. We loved going shopping together and dining out. We developed a really close friendship for such a short time. We met in January of 2011, I left Bangkok for Germany in August that same year.

I was trying to look for the boutiques where I used to shop in Siam Paragon but Annie explained that the mall had an intensive remodelling so a lot has changed.
 But thanks to Facebook, we still get to catch up with each other online. So when we had the chance to visit Thailand exactly after two years, I couldn´t wait to see Annie. Despite our very busy itinerary, I and hubby really made room for meeting up with her.

It was so much fun catching up in person. I´m glad hubby was so understanding, he just followed us around while we talked and talked.

She´s still the same workaholic girl, in fact she worked so much that she lost a lot of weight. I teased her that she wants to get rich too soon. She´s a traveller too. Within the two-year span, she´s visited three countries in the West in three different trips. Really cool.

We wrapped up our date with a dinner at a Japanese restaurant of which the food I enjoyed immensely.

Thanks to her I and hubby also got some cute, adorable photos together. Hubby likes Annie´s personality too. He thought of actually playing cupid for Annie and his close German buddy back home. Annie is still single and she´s hoping to find her dream guy soon whom she could travel together. She tells me how envious she´s of me that I get to travel around with my man. I really hope she finds the perfect guy for her soon.

And then it was time for us to say good bye. We´re flying back to Germany in two days. We had a really great time with Annie.

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