Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Party At a Bayern Country-Side Restaurant

We kick-start the holiday parties by attending hubby´s work Christmas party which was held at a newly established Bayern country restaurant here in our city in Petersberg. Hubby works in an engineering firm which creates construction plans and drawings of buildings and houses. And this new restaurant is one of their recent projects. He proudly whispered on my ears during the party, "I helped with the construction drawing of this building too." :)

When you look from the outside the restaurant is just like any typical countryside restu, made of woods and laid low. When you enter inside, it´s decorated with horns, paintings of wild animals, and just an entire picture of Bayern culture. Note that our city isn´t in Bayern, we´re a neighboring State.

They also have an attic inside the restu with old country clothes hanging out. It makes you think if some Bayernisch actually live in there.

Their servers, chefs, and restaurant crews all wear the Bayern cultural outfits. Local music was played out quite loud and many diners sang with the beat. Some men even made weird sounds which I took as a background to their music. There´s a festive ambiance in the air which jibed with the crowded place.

They serve mostly pork but thanks to my hubby´s co-worker who tipped the restaurant in advance to serve beef because I don´t eat pork, they prepared a special beef menu for hubby and me. It´s delicious, super yummy! I especially love the potato, the macaroni salad, and the antipasti. Their potato is the best I´ve ever tried here in Germany.

I tried their local beer, it tasted like grape juice. I didn´t notice a hint of alcohol at all.
Every year-end hubby´s boss throws two Christmas parties for them, one with the spouses included and the other an exclusive party only for them. Honestly, I always look forward to their parties because I get to discover more restaurants in our city.

But don´t get tricked with the restaurant´s laid back ambiance. At the left of the restu there´s a door that leads to the luxurious side of the place. The other side boosts a large swimming pool and a paradise-like spa area. They also have enticing sauna baths.

While I didn´t get to the luxury side, hubby promised to bring me back there in summer. It´s something to look forward past winter.


  1. Hi Glee,

    Lovely to catch up with you again and thanks for visiting me.
    The restaurant looks great and your meal delicious.
    The spa area is fun and will be nice to go back and visit there again.

    Happy week

  2. The pictures are cute.


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