Friday, December 6, 2013

On-Trend Prom Dresses to Wear to Your Prom

I´m already thirty but I still giggle whenever I talk about prom dresses. If you saw me wearing the designer Clarisse Prom Dress, you´d understand the reason behind my unfading excitement towards the subject. Yes, I´ve never worn a prom dress to a prom because my parents never allowed me to attend not one fancy party due to religious reasons, but that doesn´t mean I never wished to actually attend a homecoming and wear a stunning gown.

But history-aside, I´m always on the look-out for on-trend party dresses that you can wear to your prom, to holiday parties, or even to your wedding.  Being a fashion blogger is such a great excuse! If you´re like me who loves planning an outfit based on what´s trending, then you must take a look at these prom dresses.

Floor Length Ruching Evening Dress

Remember the stunning bespoke lilac gown with a white waistband, a floor-length Alexander McQueen number, that Kate Middleton wore to the red carpet at the BAFTA black tie do in Los Angeles? Everyone was gushing about it for quite a while. This chiffon dress has exactly same silhouette as Kate´s dress. Their only difference other than the color is the bodice. While Kate´s lilac gown had a rather conservative top, this pearl pink alternative has a V-neck and a wrap-around ruching.

Floor-length Prom Dresses are a great option if you´re into keeping things feminine and elegant.

Trumpet Shape

Fishtail and trumpet skirts are a big trend come spring/summer 2013. Ralph Lauren, Fendi, and Balmain are just some of the many fashion designers who showcased at the runway how to fabulously wear the fit and flare, trumpet silhouettes.

But before you jump-start shopping for your mermaid dress, there are a couple of questions that you have to ask yourself. Do you have a derriere that you´re confident to show off? Are you still able to walk like a person if everyone is looking at your rear? If you answer "yes" to both questions, then go ahead and embrace this trendy style. You´ll look as adorable as a real mermaid.

The Cutaways

Cutout trend still hasn´t lost its allure. In choosing for a prom dress with cutout detail, look for the styles that create drama at the back. It may look covered in front but then the back screams party. If, however, you´re not confident showing off most part of your back, then look for a party dress with cutouts on the sides or at the belt area of the bodice.

Remember that your prom is more about having fun than looking fabulous. So make sure that you opt for a trendy dress that makes you confident to move. The style should never sacrifice the fun of your party. After all, proms happen only once in life.

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