Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Ever-Expanding Closet Brings Me A Sense of Gratitude

For most us, on days when we feel low, whether it´s the hormones or some external factors, we tend to find solace on sweets and chocolates. I sometimes do that too. My fave are snickers and vanilla ice-cream. But there are times when I feel really down, like I doubt myself or the future, I find solace in my closet. You see, it´s just not like any blogger´s closet with stash of shoes and piles of clothes, it´s a reminder to me of how far I´ve journeyed in life.

photo credit: yuiko
I wasn´t born with a silver plate. In fact, when I was born my parents hardly had plates. They were really poor. Both hard-working, my parents managed to improve their economic status but not enough to provide a comfortable life to their expanding family of six kids.

I being the eldest, I learned early that I had to help my parents. I took care of my younger siblings while my parents worked. I did the cooking, baby sitting, and the piles of laundry until I graduated high school. And because we were economically challenged, I had to work my butt to the university to earn and keep a scholarship until I completed a double-degree in Education.

I always had to work hard and my aim was the top. But I was also always an underdog. In high school I was usually a target of bullying because I had little clothes and couldn´t keep up with the trend. In college, while my fashion improved thanks to the stipend allowance I received from my scholarship, I was looked down by the rich (or feeling rich) girls and boys in my circle whether it´s in the student body, in the debate club, or in the organizations I was involved.  Yet I persevered, nothing could bring me down. And somewhere, sometime I´d impress them with my achievements and guts.

When I finished university I quickly got a job. I gave most of my salaries to my parents to help out with the expenses and my siblings´school fees. But I wasn´t earning enough. So at the age of 22, I left the Philippines to work abroad. Fate brought me to Thailand where I worked as a high Maths teacher and a debate trainer in an international school.

I worked really hard. I did after-school tutorials and juggled blogging late at night. I raised enough money to support three siblings in the university. They too worked hard, graduated on time and got hired quickly after they graduated. So now my siblings are also able to help my parents out. Four of us are now professionals and working, our fifth sibling is graduating this March, and our youngest sister is still sophomore in the University.

From Bangkok I moved to Germany in 2011 to join my husband. And since then I´ve retired from teaching and did fashion blogging full-time. I feel like I can get away with a large closet due to my current career.

Of course I don´t put all my money in my closet. I´m smart enough to know the importance of saving. But I´m lucky to have a husband who spoils me, and a work that allows me to shop productively.

And that´s why when I look at my closet, I Have so much gratitude. It serves like a mirror, I see that fashion-deprived teenager who got bullied by the mean girls and wasn´t attractive to the boys because of her not impressive clothes and not of-the-moment style. When I stand in front of my closet, I see her. And I smile.

I know that my closet is nothing compared to other fashion bloggers, but for me it´s enough to thanks God and to feel very blessed.


  1. aww its always great to appreciate what you have! that closet looks amazing, i wish that was mine!


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