Monday, March 16, 2015

A Family Friend´s Birthday Party

Last Saturday night hubby and I attended a family friend´s 60th birthday party. It was a big one, with eighty attendees. It´s nice to get invited to parties at times and do dress up given that social life has been terribly on the down side for me since I moved to Germany in 2011. For once, after four years of living here, I got to dress up for a "wear a formal attire" party. Yay!

The birthday boy is Hermann, he´s the smiling handsome guy in the background, center. He has a very jolly personality, someone who´s always happy. You can guess, he really enjoyed his party, towards the end, he ruled the dance floor.

Because most of the people in our table are my first-time acquaintance, with an elder German guy on my left who, although nice and polite was mostly quiet, I ended up laughing all night to my husband´s jokes. It´s at times like this when I realize how much I adore his funny side; he could literally entertain me whole night.

I wore a really cute get-up, a dirty white tube mini dress with 3D floral appliques and black bow belt, topped with a black blazer and polished up with nude opaque tights and nude/metallic pointed toe pumps.

Unfortunately, I did not have a full-body shot of my look so I could not share it to you in this post. Hubby and I got a standing pose by a party´s photographer, but I haven´t got a copy of the shot yet.

Anyways, it´s nice to chat with you once again, darlings … it´s had been a while. I got lots of personal chi-chat to share with you, and I couldn´t wait, but finding the time is the problem. I hope to blog more often here on my personal blog once again … ´till next time.

Have a blessed weekend.

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