Sunday, August 23, 2015

For Girls Who Love Baby Blue

1. Jushee Women's MRdlgeip Stiletto High Heels Closed Pointed Toe Patent Spring Summer Autumn Party Pumps 

2. Baby Blue Solid Color Shawl Pashmina Scarf Wrap Shawls Pashminas NEW 

3. Classic Tall Large TOSCA Hobo Shoulder Handbag Silver Buckles Italy (Light Blue) 

4. OSA Women Fashion Cool Short Sleeve Wrap Cotton Tunic Shirt Lace Tops 

5. John Lennon Vintage Style Round Silver Hippie Party Shades Sunglasses BLUE LENS

6. FASH Gold Padlock Shopper Zipper Hobo Shoulder Handbag,Light Blue,One Size

Since I´ve grown older my favorite colors have evolved a lot. In fact, the colors I wore often when I was in my teens, early twenties, late twenties, and now in my early thirties, differed. But that´s only normal, right? Our style evolves with age, and that includes the colors we prefer. But there´s one color that I always liked and it never changed—the light blue or baby blue.

I love the soft hue of light blue, it´s like the peaceful summer sky, it´s so gentle, soft and comfortable. I didn´t actually realize that light blue remains my most favored color, until today when while browsing for products for this week´s fashion blog posts for Creative Fashion main, I came across this pair of light blue pumps (#1) with stunning red sole and cigarette heels. I´m mesmerized. And it urged me to make this post here on my personal blog.

 Let me know what you think of light blue. Is it your fave color too?

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