Sunday, August 23, 2015

I´m Falling in Love to This: Polka Dot Travel Tote Bag

Black and white monochrome continues to be an unbeatable versatile trend that transitions between seasons. But when it comes to monochrome prints and patterns, polka dot remains my best pick-me-up. I don´t care if all the vogue stylists, writers and socialites out there would claim that one shouldn´t wear polka dots unless she´s in grade 3 or under. Polka dot is a powerful and most-chic print you can ever have if you know how to rock it well.

That said, I´m sharing this polka dot tote bag that I found from Tommy Hilfiger. Tote bag is one of my favorite companions when travelling … actually I usually bring with me three bags when I´m traveling—a satchel, a tote, and a small cross body bag. Lately, the tote bag that I´ve been using mostly for my adventures is an orange/nude one and I think it would be happy to rest for say, two summers, and be taken over by this black and white polka dot.

Oh, I just can´t resist it!

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