Monday, August 31, 2015

My Favorite Exercise Haven is Nature

Hi girls! You know, there are a lot of things that I want to share to you, but with my too busy schedule (thanks to my biting on foods more than I could chew), I´m usually exhausted at the end of the day. Even if I really like to sit with you and chat like the good old times—forget journalism, SEO and choosing the right title to catch attention and gets picked-up by google (hey! Did I check on all those?)—I just shake my head, close my laptop and choose to prioritize sleep.

Anyhoo, I´d like to share to you one thing that I do which keeps me sharp focus and motivated in what I do. Working from home exposes me to a lot of challenges but the biggest is that I don´t have a boss. The irony of it is, I love working from home because I don´t have a boss, but I also hate it that I don´t have a boss. I can easily slack around (and get burned wasting time in Facebook) if I don´t feel like working, and I can easily forget the tasks for the day once I start folding the laundry.

But what I do instead is I take a walk, and I usually do that in the morning. Walking in nature gives me that much needed space to think, and to focus on the bigger picture of my career. Now, I´m lucky to live in a tiny city with beautiful sceneries. We have a nearby forest park, and we have three options of path to take if we go for a jog or a walk. I like walking in the morning because it makes me sharp-focus throughout the day. But yesterday, before the warm weekend ended, hubby and I went biking in the sunset.

It looks like hubby is biking towards the sky. Do you see that white opening close to his head?

I realized that going out to nature in the sunset is just as fun as doing it early in the morning.

Embracing nature, whenever + wherever possible, is a great way to bond with your special someone, or with yourself. Nature is also the best place to do exercise and have fun without necessarily shedding a dime.

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