Friday, September 11, 2015

7 Types of Wedding Dresses – A Shopping Guide for Brides

It´s almost five years now since my wedding but I still very much remember the joy of shopping for a wedding dress. A colleague and close friend of mine had her wedding on the same month as mine, only a week advance, so we shared that joy of hunting for our wedding dress. We giggled together; we shared our plans for our wedding, and our dream wedding dress!

I think this is one of those pure gifts to a bride.

Yet, after she consumes the icing of the cake, come the serious issues—how much is the budget, what season is the scheduled wedding, and what´s the location. To many brides, they are not able to wear their dream wedding dress because they prefer to go practical. I totally support that. I, too, ended up wearing a practical wedding dress.

And yet to some, those girls who didn´t spend most of their single days dreaming for a wedding, they´re not sure what they want. Unless they hire a wedding planner, they have to deal with the confusions and worry. Thankfully, there are many free guides online on choosing a wedding dress.

As someone who once went through this ordeal, I am now able to identify the seven common types of wedding dresses. I found these gorgeous wedding dresses at Rosa Novias AU, an online wedding boutique which sells anything wedding related, from wedding dresses to bridesmaid dresses and everything in between.

See which wedding dress type resonates more to your style and taste, and don´t be afraid to follow your instinct.

1. Classic Glamourous 

Simple Straps Ball Gown

This is the wedding dress that classic glamor girls would wear. It´s simple, clean, elegant, and boosts a timeless silhouette. You´ll know you found the one if it transports you to the past and reminds you of retro style.

2. The Whimsy 

Honorable Tulle A-line Beading Bateau

Laces and lots of it. Beads. Appliques + handmade flowers. And crystal detailing. This is one of my favorite wedding dress styles. It reminds me of my role, Titania, on a “A Midst Summer Night´s Dream” stage play we did in the university. I love anything whimsy!

3. Conservative Chic 

Exquisite Floral Lace Embroidered Bateau Neck Ball Gown

Being a conservative bride doesn´t mean you´ll have to go frumpy on your big day. Try dresses with lace long sleeves. Or better yet, dresses that are conservative in front but scream sexy in the back. You´ll live this day only once, anyway.

4. The Royal 

Exquisite Tulle Short Sleeve Bateau Lace Beading A-line

This looks like a dress that Princess Charlene of Monacco would wear to her wedding. Look for A-line shapes with soft, slim flares, empire silhouettes, and boat neck + crop overlays.

5. The red carpet

Sexy Spaghetti Straps Sweep/brush Train Beading Trumpet

Imagine you´re a celebrity and the aisle you´ll walk is a red carpet. All eyes are on you. These dresses are bold, exaggerated, sometimes revealing but always elegant.

6. The cartoon character princess 

Charming Lace Beading Strapless Organza Sweep/brush Train A-line

It´s not for everyone but this is your wedding, so no one should stop you if you want to wear the wedding dress that Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty would wear to their wedding. Live your dream!

7. Modern and Trendy 

Sexy Lace Sweep/brush Train Trumpet

You´re the bride who walks off the runway to attend her wedding. Others wonder if you walked straight from a fashion magazine. You´re wearing the most coveted shape of the season, the trumpet silhouette, and you´re not afraid strutting your slim figure and toned derriere.

So let me know, girls, which style of wedding dress are you?

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