Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My New Bike, A Feminine White + Baby Blue Mountain Bike, Is a Gift from Hubby

I can´t believe it´s been years since I rode a bike. To be exact, the last time I was on a bike was seven years ago, before I met my husband online. It was during one of our school´s out-of-the-city-camps in Thailand.

Look at that big, wide grin. It says it all. ;)

Recently, my husband fixed his mountain bike which was unused for about four years. When it was ready, I tried riding it around the neighborhood and even if it´s too big and tall for my height, I had so much fun. It brought back my good old love for biking.

Unbeknownst to me, hubby was secretly hunting for a woman`s bike. He wanted to get me a bike so we could do biking together. He says it´s boring to bike alone, he wanted a biking partner.

Then yesterday a long, wide box was delivered at my door. And it´s a bike!

Hubby came home early from work, assembled the bike, and I used it right away. He and his jogging partner jogged 8 km in the evening, and for the first time I went with them. Only I was biking.

Our place is quite hilly and mountainous, so there are many parts where it´s a real workout to bike (much more to jog). When you´re biking up a really elevated slope-y hill, there´s no stopping until you get to the top. Oh, how exhausting! But stopping and giving up aren´t options, or I would have to push the bike to the top.

I remember the fashion bikes I blogged at the pro blog many years back, they´re city bikes and even if they look really gorgeous, they won´t work in where I live.

But I do plan to buy my bike a basket and mimic the look of fashion cruiser bikes, and then use it for my upcoming pictorial for a product review. Yes, another product to review, and this time it´s sunglasses. So stay tuned.

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