Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Outfit: Black and White Striped Sweater Dress

It´s officially fall over here; the weather has abruptly switched to chilly + gloomy. Although I love fall, it used to send me a signal of fear, that winter is coming. I used to dread (read: hate) winter. My first winter sent me to depression.

But no more!

I sent this photo to my mom via Facebook message and she wasn´t able to identify me. I´m at the center wearing a black and white sweater dress and a wide grin. Smiling with me are my sisters in faith.

The last couple of fall and winter were smooth for me. Probably, that´s because I´ve adjusted already and I´m quite settled with my work, which is blogging. And of course, there is hubby who does everything to make me happy. I really have no reason to get depressed in winter, other than that the freezing temperature forces me to stay indoor most of the time. Think about it, it´s going to be my fifth winter already.

When it´s chilly outdoor, out are the pieces for layering. This is actually the fun part of fall, the layering!

So you can see me here, in the groupie above, wearing my new black and white stripe sweater dress from Mango. I call it “new” because it´s the first time it´s saying “hi” to the world, especially to my blog audience, but I actually got it last fall although I did not have the opportunity to wear it.

I layered it with black tights, complete with black pointed toe pumps. I like how the black on black makes me look like wearing thigh-high boots. Yay! I also added a slim pink designer belt, which I got from the now defunct my-wardrobe online boutique, to add a hint of color.

I like sweater dresses because they´re easy to wear and they offer many possibilities for layering.

When the temperature drops further, I add a cozy black jacket and swap the pumps for black knee-high heeled boots. Sometimes I wrap a black wool scarf on my neck, sometimes a pink.

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