Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Outfit: Blue Polka Dot Dress

This blue and white polka dot dress is my most favorite dress in my closet. I rarely wear it because I don´t want to wear-it-out, I want to preserve it, but I do rock it to special events when wearing a short dress is okay and I wanna feel pretty.

There are dresses and shoes that simply make you feel pretty when you slip into them. For me, it´s this little frock.

I found this dress in one of the high-end boutiques in Bangkok which I frequented when I was still living there, and I still very much remember the day when I first saw it.

It was on a mannequin, and I gasped when I spotted it. I didn´t let it go.

In this picture, I wore it with my pair of tan, peep-toe cut-out boots which rise until mid-calf, and a neutral brown leather tote bag.

I captioned this photo with, “With my mother-in-law in the middle of nowhere”, of which a friend commented, "it must be a very beautiful no-where".

Yeah, look at those vivid green in the background, which makes my MIL´s red dress really pop up. This is the most liked and most commented photo I got in my Facebook private account. I guess it must be really gorgeous.

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