Friday, September 11, 2015

My Outfit: Brown Leather Jacket for Fall

Fall is the season when I do most of my outfits pictorials. I love the colors of the trees—the red, and orange, and yellow, mixed with brown and gray of leaves and branches—is pure art to me.

Right now, my surroundings is still green. The low and distant rays of the sun + the chilly wind, even if it´s still relatively sunny, are hinting that the beautiful vivid colors that I am always fascinated with will soon be here.

This photo is from last fall, just in front of my house and just a week before I had my ceramic dental braces on. So this is one of those last photos of me with my original crook-y but happy smile.

I got the brown leather jacket from Zara in Berlin. It´s soft, with elevated shoulders, and has a nice fit. It´s a little pricey compared to my synthetic leather jackets and that´s probably because it´s real leather.

I realized that real leather is truly an investment, but they´re also sensitive to the rain. I don´t wear this jacket when it´s raining outside.

Anyway, I like how dramatic this photo turned out. It was just a quick pose I did after hubby and I went to pick up groceries, taken through my smart phone.

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