Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Outfit: Comfy Leopard Print Pants

If there´s one thing that would describe my style as a fashion blogger, that would be, “The fashion blogger whose expertise is animal print.”

Google took me seriously because of my detailed articles on giving tips on how to wear animal print. My most popular post was first published here on my personal blog, which I moved to the big blog when I decided to go pro.

You see, I am very passionate when it comes to this exotic print, and it hurts me that the Kardashians seem to abuse this print and make it look cheap. Animal print + the Kardashians = negative chemical reaction.

I mean, I´m no Kardashian fan, definitely, I never read any news or articles about them, that I winced when I accidentally heard one of them on TV claiming that they are very much animal print patronizers. Well? But yeah, this is a free world.

Anyhoo, even if I adore animal print—leopard and snake print in particular—I don’t abuse it. The reason simply is, when you overdo it, you´ll look matronly, and certainly CHEAP.

Take a look at this comfy + casual outfit I wore for a stroll around the neighborhood with my hubby. It´s a nice cotton trouser which is perfect for a warm summer day. It´s nice that it has side pockets and that it´s a slim fit towards the cuffs.

I wore it with a white top featuring black floral necklace detailing. When I posed with this big trunk of tree, the result is dramatic.

I definitely love it!

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