Sunday, September 13, 2015

Product Review: Aire Tortoise Sundried Sunglasses

Do you have enough black sunglasses already? It´s probably now the time to hunt for some tortoise sunnies, your stylish alternative to black.

Tortoise sunglasses are neutrals. They can easily blend with any color or print combinations. Not to mention, they are more stylish. So when I was approached by Sundried, a brand born and based in Peru, to review their soon-to-launch sunglasses collection, I went for the tortoise. I`ve been hunting for this shape since I recently discovered it suits my oval face the most.

How lucky I am for when the sunglasses arrived, they look perfect on me!

I find these sunnies to be of superb quality. I believe in its potential to compete with the already-established high street brands. Right now though, since the glasses are still in production, the company is not ready to identity the prices of the sunglasses to be featured in their first collection.

But with the look of it, I assume it to fall in the price range of $100 - $250.

It´s really comfortable to wear, light yet robust. Usually, when I have a new pair of sunnies, I have problems with the fit because I´ve a really tiny nose. But with the Aire Tortoise, it´s literally put on and wear.

It gives my face an illusion of pointed nose, which is a plus to some Asian ladies who are not too gifted in this area as I am.

Its glass frames are similar to the classic Ray Ban, only a little more oversized. One feature that I like the most about these glasses is its arms. They´re positioned a bit lower than the bridge which makes the glasses sit exactly to cover your eyes.

Unlike other similar shaped glasses with arms levelled on the top bar, which often leads the glasses to slide lower than your eye-level, this Aire Tortoise sit exactly where it should.

So when it comes to the style, quality, elegance and overall look of these glasses, I will give it a five on all these criteria. Although I can´t do so for its price because it´s currently still unidentified, and on its packaging and case because they´re still a work in progress.

Let´s learn a little more about the Sundried brand, shall we?

It all started with its founder´s sun-drying experience, a lone surfer, after he rose from the water to reminisce about the mornings glorious 6 foot swell. With the sea water dripping and the sun drying him, the SUNDRIED brand was born.

Basically, Sundried is about providing apparel and accessories for those who share the team´s love for the outdoors. They produce t-shirts, shorts and various other items for both men and women, and now they´re expanding to fashionable sunglasses. You can find Sundried in its birthplace Peru, the UK, New Zealand and the USA.

I´m excited to see where this brand is heading.

Disclosure: This review is not a paid advertisement, but I get to keep the sunglasses in exchange for my review. I do my best to provide an honest review and my opinion on the product and brand is not influenced by the compensation.


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