Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Simple and Clean in White and Cream

Last Saturday night I attended a birthday party with over two hundred guests. I wasn´t directly invited, but you know, when your husband´s family is invited and you´re told … you´re invited too … that kind of scenario.

I had no idea as to the dress code. But I was invited to a birthday party early this year and was told to wear my best, which, thankfully I didn´t but instead went for an elegant short dress, only to see that even the person who invited me (and who told me to wear my best dress) wasn´t wearing a dress! So I thought, maybe it would be the same story.

That´s why for that Saturday night´s party, I went for a simple and clean white sequined top paired with white skinny jeans, a nude clutch and a pair of white-cream pointed-toe pumps. I rolled up the cuffs of my jeans a little to give way to the pumps.

I added a black and white print slim scarf to warm my neck because it was a cold night.

Although I didn´t wear jewelry (because I don´t wear jewelry), I wore a white pearl wrist watch accented with yellow gold.

We had to leave the coats at the entrance. Too bad because my coat was the main statement-maker. It´s an original fur coat in gray. Very high fashion.

The party, as it turned out, was a costume party for a crowd of Filipino women. I haven´t seen as many Filipinos since I arrived in Germany four years ago. The birthday celebrant was a Filipina who turned 50. Her guests were mostly Filipinos. I saw a few aunts at the party whom I knew through my MIL.

One of them asked me why I didn´t dress up. I simply shook my shoulder instead of blurting out, “I don´t think this party is worth dressing up.” Besides, although I was wearing pants, I looked elegant. But actually, that aunt is just used to seeing me dressing up, so she kind of expected me to also do a showdown.

And a showdown they did.

I took a backseat and as I sat at the table assigned to me and my husband, I observed all the dresses and the outfits that paraded in front of me. Unfortunately, none of the outfits I saw that night impressed me. Although there was a couple of looks I liked, they´re the less-is-more approach to style. One was a little black dress worn with black tights and high heels; the other was a black pencil skirt with peplum jacket.

The rest of the looks? If it wasn´t too much, then the shoes didn´t match the dress. Or … it simply fell short from my taste.

Although I quickly figured there were too many people for the buffet that was served, I enjoyed the pumpkin soup appetizer, it was delicious! Plus there was also a program which consisted of Filipinos presenting songs and dances. I haven´t seen one for a while.

All in all, it was a good night.

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