Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Happy Valentine´s Date With My Love

It was a cold, freezing Valentine´s Day for us and it happened to be on a Sunday. Here in our side of the world the entire city shuts down on Sunday, except the restaurants and bars. This is our fifth Valentine´s together as a married couple, and to mark the celebration, my husband initiated a lunch date at a Thai restaurant.

You see, even if we´re both Filipinos who live in Germany, our love story happened in Bangkok, Thailand, where I lived and worked as a teacher for six years.

As we enjoyed some of our favorite Thai delicacies, we reminisced over our cute, worthy-of-a-book-deal love story. It felt like it happened just yesterday, but if we´re to be real, the love affair started over seven years ago.

Now to our outfits … I went for a pink bell sleeved flared sweater top, white lace skirt, black tights, black tall boots, a red handbag, pulled together with a dark brown fur coat.

I love how my sweater and the fur coat hid my already evident baby bump at 14 weeks. Styling my outfits now comes down to comfort on my belly and safety for my baby.

My ever gorgeous husband went for a show-dropping casual smart look with faded blue Hilfiger slim jeans, blue striped button down matched with a blue printed necktie, and topped with a black vest, brown leather dress shoes, and a long coat.

Tom Yum Gai

Phat Thai

Spicy curry.

Steamed sticky rice with banana wrapped in banana leaves.

After a heavy meal, we attempted to walk around, inspired by the many love birds who strolled the city, but in less than 15 minutes we opted to go home as the temperature turned freezing.

So that´s how I spent my Valentine´s Day 2016, how about you, darling?

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