Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Early Winter Outfit for a Visit in Würzburg, Bayern - Brown Leather Jacket + Leopard Pants

Late in November 2015, my husband and I visited Würzburg, a city in Germany in the state of Bayern. It was early winter around that time, so as you can guess, I could still brave the cold with a leather jacket. In middle winter, however, I can only survive the outdoor with a parka or a thick fur coat.

We went there to accompany my mother-in-law for her eye checkup where an eye surgery was scheduled. The eye surgeon experts are located in that city. Well, it turned out, she didn´t have to do the surgery. So after a half day of waiting, we went to explore the city.

The problem in winter is the early sunset, around half past four the sun already disappears. That´s the reason why most of these photos are dark.

I wasn´t able to see much of the city but enough for me to have the impression that it´s another gorgeous city. I love their totally huge capital building which looks like a palace. And I love their parks too. Eventually, we ended up in their shopping street where we did some shopping of high street brands.

For that one-day-escapade, I wore a dark olive sweater underneath a brown leather jacket from Zara, paired with leopard pants (see how I wore the leopard pants in summer), some sneakers, and a printed scarf from Mango. For my bag, it´s a satchel from 3.1 Phillip Lim.

I hope to be able to explore the city yet once again in summer.

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