Thursday, March 31, 2016

Military-Chic Combo for an End-Winter Casual Date with Hubby

I recently celebrated the arrival of spring, but guess what? It still is very much winter in my side of the world – cold, rainy and freezing windy – that I guess the slang “crappy weather” is becoming a daily part of my vocabulary. Yay!

However, just before winter officially ended, on our calendar at least, my husband affectionately asked me out for a Friday lunch date to celebrate the weekend. I even got to choose the place, and because preggy me loves yummy healthy foods, I picked the popular vegetarian restu in our city.

My husband works really long hours during the week but he gets to go home early on Fridays, at two in the afternoon. That´s the reason why Friday afternoons are usually a date-time for us.

One of the things that I love to do is walking and I continue to do so while pregnant. For the Friday date meet-up, I walked from our place to the city which took me 45 minutes using the short-cut in the woods, while hubby drove straight from his work to the city. I feel good whenever I get to walk long.

As for my outfit, I wore the army green jacket my husband got for me at Zara during our Würtzburg escapade early this month. I love this jacket because it´s roomy and comfortable for my growing baby bump. Finally, my favorite black parka could rest for now, it´s a little tight already around the belly area.

I wore a gray hoodie and gray wool shorts under the jacket, very basic and comfy, teamed up with black tights, nude pashmina scarf, and brown suede knee-high boots. I carried a lemon yellow satchel too. While my outfit is more about comfort than style, putting a little thought on the color combination, which is pretty much military-chic with a hint of girly-ness, keeps the look still stylish albeit casual. Even my tortoise eyeglasses with yellow green accents on the side matched the color combo!

The delish vegetarian meal we enjoyed + the green and orange smoothies actually made me wished that I could be more creative with the vegetables I prepare at home. But if I cook as great as at the restu, then it diminishes the excitement of eating out, right?

Btw, the green smoothie was mine and it tasted much better than the orange.

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