Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Outfit: Patterned Tights + Lace Up Ankle Boots

Last November we were in Würtzburg, Bayern. We didn´t have enough time to get around the city that time, so we went back. No, I´m kidding ;). My mother-in-law had actually yet another appointment with the specialist and my husband had to drive her. But unlike last time when hubby and I spent more than half of the day boringly waiting for her, this time around we simply dropped her at the hospital and we went straight to the city for some joyful exploration.

This white dresser embodies my personal taste.

First we went to Ikea. We explored everything that Ikea has to offer. And you know what? I became so fascinated with the children room designs. In particular, I was going ohhh and ahhh seeing some princess-y themes for a little girl´s room. There were pink and pastels in white background accented with some floral prints and even polka dots! It´s like I´m imagining my child already to be a girl, albeit we still don´t know its gender.

We ended up buying some items for our kitchen. And then we went to have some food at the third floor of the Ikea building. Surprisingly, their menus were delicious really cheap. We understood that they made their food so affordable so their customers would stay longer and shop better. Preggy me ended up eating all that I could. I was so stuffed but if I´d just let my appetite decide, I could eat even more. (Hint: for my third trip to the food counter, I went for an overflowing bowl of fresh fruits salads. They even had last three slices of water melon for me, something I´ve always been craving since the first trimester but have to wait until summer before I could buy some at grocery stores. How lucky!)

From Ikea we went to the city´s shopping street and did some shopping at Zara. My husband got a printed bomber jacket for himself and an army green jacket for me. As for me, I got two beautiful printed dresses in silhouettes that are comfortable for a growing belly.

The outfit I wore for Würtzburg escapade is a layering of dark colors and prints. I wore a dark green sweater with a black ruffled skirt, layered with a pair of printed tights in colors that actually matched my lace-up ankle boots. My black parka hid my growing baby bump which is already at 16 weeks. All in all, although it was cold, I had a really great day.

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