Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Pregnancy Outfit: Yellow Print Body Con Lace Dress at Week 17

Hello, girls! I kept mum about my pregnancy until my baby turned 17 weeks. My husband and I just wanted to make sure that our baby is safe before we share the good news to our friends. Aside from my private Facebook account, the only place I´ll be sharing my baby bump outfits will be here on my personal blog.

I wore a yellow print body dress which is super stretchy. I got this dress eight years ago while still living in Bangkok and have shared an outfit look of it here on the blog sometime in 2009.

See the dress in 2009 here: It's not only what you wear, it's where you go

I added a gray cardigan to cover my shoulders.

My husband adores seeing me in this dress pre-pregnancy but when he saw me rocking it with an evident baby bump, he initially disapproved the idea of sharing these photos to friends. He finds it too sexy for a maternity dress. But I love wearing stretchy fitting dresses for my growing baby bump because my goal is to wear the bump as an accessory. I don´t want to hide it, I want to embrace it.

Eventually my husband gave me his blessings.

Anyway, this photoshoot in my living was done rather too quickly. I hope people didn´t notice, but if they looked closely, the lining of the dress towards the left hem wasn´t properly set. It looks like the dress has a diagonal lining beneath the lace.

As you can see, my bump sets a little high, and it extends under my chests. Some say I´m having a girl, but although I too feel it´s a girl, there´s really no certainty until the day we´ll find out for sure the baby´s gender through ultrasound.

I´ll be sharing my pregnancy outfits every now and then, so whatch out for it. I´m really glad that my baby is due in summer, which means mommy can play dress up with her spring and summer outfits. Expect maxi dresses; lose tops and shorts, and A-line dresses belted right just below the chest.

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