Monday, May 30, 2016

How to Style Up a Leopard Print Tiered Skirt

How do you style a leopard print skirt? I´ve been asked this question many times in the past and I´ve answered it in many ways and forms too.

I was at 28 weeks but my friends said I didn´t look pregnant in this outfit.

In one of my latest shopping in flea markets, I got this leopard tiered mini skirt. Now I´m a big fan of animal print and I like adding a hint of wildness to my look every now and then, so it´s a no brainer to buy the skirt. In fact, this skirt is one size bigger my normal size.

But as you know I´m currently preggy and now on my third trimester, one size bigger my normal size is the way to go. I also like the stretchy nature of the skirt´s belt band to accommodate my belly.

I wore the skirt to a one-day holiday escape hubby and I did in Frankfurt. We left our city early in the morning and came back late in the evening. It was a little cold and rainy in our city that day, and we expected a similar weather in Frankfurt. So for our outfits, we went for spring lightweight layering. Turned out it was warmer in Frankfurt that day. Jackets were taken off for the rest of the day.

I wore a white graphic tee with my leopard print tiered skirt, black stockings, black oxford flat shoes, and pulled everything together with a brown leather jacket. I also added a nude satchel bag. This outfit is pretty much tonal, it´s more about toning toning the print down. But the result is quite elegant while casual chic.

While waiting for our order.

We pretty much spent the day shopping. I got some maxi dresses and stretchable skirts from Zara, my husband got some summer pants and jeans, and we also bought some newborn clothes for our baby.

On a train to Frankfurt.

We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant, and we finished the day with some ice-cream.

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