Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Birthday Outfit – Snake Print Button Down + Brown Dress Shorts

Have you heard of the superstitious that Friday the 13th is unlucky? I don´t believe in it. I´ve celebrated my birthday on a Friday several times throughout my life and it´s always a blessing. That said, I recently turned 33. And three is my lucky number!

I believe this 33rd year of my life is one of the luckiest. A proof is that I´ll be a first-time mother at this age. We´ll be having our first born this summer and I couldn´t be more thankful. I look forward to many more blessings, as well as challenges, which this year will bring to me and my little family.

Hubby and I celebrated my birthday by lunching at a Chinese restaurant. As a birthday girl, my buffet was free. Hubby came home from work, at around one in the afternoon, with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I didn´t expect him to bring home flowers yet again, for a few days earlier he also gave me a rose as my first ever Mother´s Day greetings. But since I love flowers, I was elated.

He also gifted me a fedora hat a week earlier as a birthday gift, while his mom gave me a Clinique lipstick in color that I love - the wow pink.

I really had a great time for my birthday and I thanked God for it.

For my outfit, I braved a pair or brown, silk dress shorts teamed with a silk, snake-print button down and a pair of tall brown boots. I finished the look with my favorite mustard yellow satchel.

My bump was pretty much showing in the outfit. I was at the end of my 27th week that day.

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