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Travel Packing Tips for Light and Stylish Holiday

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You would think that because we are women, packing lightly and looking stylish are two things that belong on different sides of the spectrum but contrary to popular belief, it really is possible to travel light and still manage to pack stylish pieces to make your holiday Instagram worthy.

With all of our options for layering, mixing and matching, donning ballet pumps and all of those lightweight materials, packing light is definitely easier for us when you think about it, you just have to learn how to fold well and know what you are going to wear. The following tips will help you master the art of traveling light in style.


As women, we are fortunate to have so many beautiful materials to play up our look from silk, lace and delicate cotton. All of these materials which transpire in elegant blouses or shorts, chic midi skirts and sleek trousers are all light weight pieces that won't take too much space in your luggage. Fold such light pieces well and roll them at the end so they don't crease and you will find that they take half the space of denim pieces or one bulky jacket.


Channel chic vibes and make your life easier when packing by adding more one outfit pieces rather than a lot of separates. Go for dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits that suit your body. These one piece outfits will take less space than two items.


Another way of having several outfit options on holiday without packing your whole wardrobe is by choosing style pieces that go together, so that you will be able to layer, mix and match and have a different outfit for everyday of your holiday.


Accessories are just as important for a stylish girl going on holiday but packing your entire jewelry collection isn't practical (not to mention the fact that it is risky). Choose jewelry pieces that will go with most of your outfits, add a scarf and keep your sunglasses on you so that you will be covered throughout your holiday.


Hairsprays and the hair dryer, lotions, make up and even perfumes if you have — travelling sized packages are your friends and you should take advantage of them. You are going to be on holiday so you won't need a whole bottle of shampoo or the whole of your make-up case. Stick to the essentials and reduce the bulk.


Speaking of bulk, when you start going for lightweight materials and traveling sized packages you will find that you have enough space to bring along a bulky piece with you. Whether that is a pair of heels or a wide brim hat, a classic coat or a pair of boots, it will definitely be easier to add a bulky piece once you have packed so many lightweight pieces.

About the Author: Jae Rustia is a fashion junkie by day and a reader by night. Find her on Twitter @JaeRustia.

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