Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Third Trimester Stylish Maternity Outfits

I just got back from my OB and with the looks of it, I can have my baby anytime now. Although I´m currently still in the middle of my 37th week, the baby´s head has already dropped really low in my pelvic that it´s so ready to say “hi” to the world.

So I´ll never know if I can still take photos for my 38th - 40th week maternity outfits, my OB is quite certain my baby will come early than my due date. Thus I decided to write this post today profiling the “stylish” maternity outfits I wore for the third trimester (just in case I won´t be able to do it in the weeks to come and who knows how much energy I´ll have left to blog once baby´s here). Note that most of these outfit shoots were taken mostly on a Friday, around the end of my pregnancy weeks.

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36 weeks 

Leopard Print Ruffled Maxi Dress in Silk

We had a really warm Friday last week and my goal in dressing up was to stay fresh. I opted for this silk ruffled maxi dress which is really comfy and also chic. Because it has a ruffled top, I went bra-less (I have difficulty breathing when wearing a bra). I partnered it with white jelly slippers with wide straps, but because I perspired furiously including my feet, I wished I went for flip flops.

35 weeks 

Chiffon Midi Dress in Peach 

This peach midi dress from H&M is sleeveless, but it was a little cold that Friday so I layered it with a nude knitted cardigan. I topped the look with gray ballet flats with floral applique that matched the vibe of my dress.

34 weeks 

Paisley Print Maxi Dress 

The good thing about showing well in summer is you can wear maxi dresses and lots of it. This blue paisley print dress is one of my favorites, and boy how I love its comfort for my bump. Partnered with white thong sandals, the result if simply chic.

33 weeks 

Floral Print Mini Dress

Rocking the leggy look, I went for this layered mini dress from H&M in summery floral print.

32 weeks 

White Ruffled Maxi Dress

At the end of my 32nd week I had my maternity photoshoot which was pretty much a DIY. My hubby served as my photographer. See more photos at my Pro fashion blog, A White Maxi Dress for My Maternity Photoshoot. I got this magical dress from Zara.

Print on Print Layering

One of the things I enjoy doing is exploring German flea markets. I love seeing those beautiful original porcelains that are so affordable. Unfortunately, my kitchen is full and my house is littered with porcelain jars of varied sizes so I mostly just feed my eyes. Too much of good things isn´t good.

For one of my flea markt escapades with a friend, I wore this print on print layering – a blue paisley print bolero cardigan on a spaghetti strapped floral print mini dress. The cowboy hat is strategic more than a fashion statement, it´s meant to protect me from the sun. (Preggos aren´t supposed to walk under the sun.)

Diamond Print Empire Waist Blouse 

You know what they say? That you and your partner should make the most of the remaining days before your baby arrives? We do it. We go out quite often and we go to the movies every other week too.

Because it was warm that week, we went for laidback summer outfits. I rocked this diamond print empire waist tunic (with blue shorts) and white flat sandals.

31 weeks 

Sweater + Polka dot Shorts + Knee-High Calvin Klein Flat Boots 

Although I was able to have these photos with the sun appearing warm, it was actually a quite gloomy and stormy week we had. Right after my husband snapped these photos, the rain poured like crazy the rest of the day.

Quite frankly, I love how I look in this outfit. I felt good wearing it. I do have a thing for shorts worn with high boots.

Lemon Print Dress

The cold, gloomy weather continued, as you can see in the background, that my bright lemon print dress from Zara stood out in contrast. The dress is sleeveless so I layered it with a black, short-sleeved knitted bolero and I polished the look with yellow strappy wedges.

At 31 weeks wearing high heels is not a good idea. But I was sitting mostly during the event so I was able to getaway with it. Also, I packed with me some flats and changed into them right after I had these photos. I know, I know! ;)

30 weeks 

Peasant Top + Shirred Mini Skirt 

Mixing a peasant top with shirred printed skirt from Zara is cute and fresh for a warm summer afternoon. Oh, and I see those white jelly slippers again! You know what? These slippers were gifted to me three years back and I never wore them … until I got pregnant. I just realized I´ve been wearing these jellies often during this pregnancy.

Black Layered Printed Mini Dress 

This H&M little printed number is a twin to that floral print mini I wore at 33 weeks. I got these dresses at half price, end-season sale. I was really lucky I found one last piece of my size for each color. XS here usually fly off like hotcakes. This is an outfit I wore to yet another movie date with my love. Although it doesn´t show in the photo, my ankle strapped sandals are high heels.

So that´s about my “stylish” maternity outfits for the third trimester. I mean, not that they´re really stylish but I just used this long tail keyword for SEO purposes. Lol. :)

I may or may not be able to add two or more outfits to this list, that remains to be seen. I´m bracing myself for the big day. Yay! So help God.

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