Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Beautiful Tifanny Lamps for Interior Decor Enthusiasts

We recently moved to our newly purchased condo and I`m still in the process of decorating. One of the things I invest on for our condo are beautiful lamps. In fact, it took us long to buy the lamp that I wanted to have for our living room, we needed to save up for it.

There are three things that I look for when I choose for lamps – aesthetic, functionality and practicality. A lamp must first and foremost look good. Then it must satisfy my need for lightning depending on which room I will put it or for which purpose I will need it.

Then of course it has to be practical. Why would I splurge on an investment lamp if I won´t be able to use it as often because it`s not energy saving?

That said, I have been looking online for lamps that will complete our master bedroom. The theme for our bedroom is vintage mixed with rustic, and with hints of modern. I`m mixing antique furnitures with modern ones. I`m decorating with classic Gustav Klimt paintings blending them with my self-made portrait sketches - of me and my husband - in modern frames. What´s currently missing in the room are a pair of gorgeous lamps.

I found that Tiffany lamps satisfy my desire for artistic décor lamps with rustic elements. There are many options available on the website but these three - Tulip Pattern 2-Light Stained Glass, Rustic Balloon Shaped Glass Shade, and Stained Glass Shade Antique - are what speak my décor style.

These lamps will standout in my condo because the main motiff in my space is white. The walls and many other things are white. This is strategic. As you know, you can play well with art if your background is white.

What do you think of these lamps?

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