Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sneakers: for anyday, for anybody


The good thing about living in Asia is that, whenever you would want to go out for a stroll on a Sunday afternoon, you can always expect that it is a sunny hopeful day.

If you are to meet up with me to hang out for a chat or for a stroll on any lazy day, expect me to show up with some sneakers and shorts. This outfit is something that I believe I will never get over with. Why, it's very comfortable and functional. It makes me feel that I am still young. I don't know why, but sneakers have just got a venom that is powerful to make anybody feel young and fresh in it.

Of course, sneakers are just not for some-body, it is for anybody. Here are some celebrities spotted sneaken'.


*Fergie wearing adidas sneakers.
*Natalie Portman sporting a pair of Chuck Taylors.
*Kristen Stewart in a multicolored sneakers.
*Liv Tyler spotted in black sneakers.

And for a treat, here are some hilarious photos of females wearing sneakers.

Would you say crazy? would you say yuck? I would say wow [with whistles ;)]


  1. I love sneakers... very laid-back and casual.

  2. I don't really wear sneakers all that often, but the ones you're wearing are cute. Maybe I should look into getting a fun pair of sneakers myself.

  3. i usually wear sandals. sneakers, closed shoes give me blisters :(

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  4. Honestly, I really haven't worn sneakers in years except for when I work out - but I favor Adidas and Converse. I will forever be loyal to those brands! :)

  5. I think they're totally fun!

  6. What cool sneakers. Its amazing how some people can wear anything and look so cool:)
    You my dear Gleen are one of them :)

    I am in the middle of a road trip with my daughter to Canada right now. I am doing some online work in a motel.
    I will be arriving home(Canada) tomorrow night late.
    So I may not be online until Monday :)



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