Friday, October 8, 2010

How to fashionably wear shorts

Shorts, and I mean short shorts, are arguably my most signature style. Whenever you get a glimpse of me on any other day, whether I'm strolling off the streets of Bangkok, shopping, or spending a wonderful afternoon at the park, and unless I'm at work, you most certainly see me wearing shorts. Perhaps I can point at the weather in this corner of the world - which is always ridiculously hot - as the reason of my love for shorts; or probably, it could simply be due to my unconscious desire to bare more skin, I'm not really sure.

A few months ago, I playfully ask the question of how short do you wear shorts? I heard quite a number of amused reactions from the readers when they saw how some celebrities wear shorts. But today, to answer a serious question from a reader, how do you fashionably wear shorts? I came up with this post. 


Faded denim shorts, plain white top and flip flops or flat sandals completed with a fabulous jacket. Let the jacket speak for the outfit. Loud accessories obviously furnishes the look.


Layer your shorts with your favorite tights. This is best when it's winter or when you feel it isn't that cool to bear that much skin. ;)


I love this look a lot, very vintage. It's high waist short shorts with huge pockets that are clearly outlined. How the red stripes made contrast with the shorts' color is very intriguing.


Wear shorts as a teaser by pairing it with a blousy off shoulder top. I'd prefer wearing gladiator sandals for this look.


This is the look that my fiance hate to see me wear. The reason? He says that my rear isn't visible in this kind of shirt. And since I'm skinny, he thinks that the curves aren't displayed at all. If the shirt doesn't hike up at the back, it seems that I'm only wearing a long shirt and an underwear. Oh really? I don't really care. As long as I feel comfortable, a pair of well-shaped legs displayed suffice for the look. But oh, have you thought of using a really fierce hand bag for this outfit? 


Tattered denim shorts really impress me. Why not pair them with a loose knitted top or a transparent blouse layered by a fitting undergarment? And well, look at those shoes.;)


Rider denim shorts can be really challenging cuz if not done right, you can look slutty. But if you're brave enough, wear underneath a pair panties leggings that extend down your legs to stylishly cover some length.


I'm not really sure if after getting up in the morning and just grabbing a leather jacket to cover your top is a good idea. After all,  isn't this nighties shorts look fabulous in the catwalk.


  1. Such a fabulous post! I love layering shorts over tights myself!! :)

  2. I love wearing shorts over tights.

  3. Great how to post. I love shorts and the nighties shorts are gorgeous.

  4. I love the shorts with tights look!!! Soooo cute. :)

  5. Very instructive post, darling!
    Love these looks!


  6. Omg, I love the 2nd photo, it's just soo pretty <3

  7. Shorts are my favorite outfit...lately!!!! I haven't wore my jeans yet hahahhaa...but maybe on December when the breeze is so cold...

    can't wait to see you love...


  8. seriously, I love every single one of these ways to wear shorts!!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  9. Great post!! I love pairing shorts with tights because it lets me bring a little summer wardrobe staple into fall.


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