Thursday, May 19, 2011

World's most comfortable but most expensive high heels

The world's most comfortable high heels are now available but they come in a very shocking, extremely expensive price. Are you ready to embrace comfort for fashion?

Women sacrifice comfort and even health all for the name of fashion. We're told about the negative effects of high heels, that wearing them can damage our spine and can impair our natural posture because of the body's tendency to arch more the already arched lower back and to stuck out more the bottom than normal in order to maintain balance.

Because women feel more confident in high heels, they value more the beauty and glamor that high heels give. They ignore the fact that putting their feet in a high heeled shoe forces the body to direct onto the ball of their foot the entire weight which can have overall consequences on their feet.

Wearing high heels for a long time definitely hurts the feet. Even if you wear the shoes that really fit well, the strain that they carry causes pain. In order to solve this, French designer Raphael Young came up with a direct solution - a very comfortable shoe. Unlike other shoes, "R-Flex combines rubber and leather for an extremely flexible sole. Latex gel injections at the ball of the foot enhance the overall sneaker-worthy feel. It even has steel inserts to prevent random fits of ankle-twisting."

Getting a pair of very comfortable shoes is really good news, but the bad news is paying for a whooping $662 price. Of course, you get what you pay for.

So, are you willing to pay for $662 for a pair of VERY comfortable shoes?


  1. Im really not sure if I would pay so much just because they are comfortable. But if they were comfortable AND great looking,... who knows...

    Nah, I wouldnt! hahah


  2. I don't know if I would pay that much for a comfortable shoe! LOL
    I always really like the Dr. Scholls inserts - they make heels somewhat more comfortable!

  3. I don't know how some women live in heels...they look so painful. These heels so pretty well engineered as well. I wonder which major brand will attempt to make a higher end version of these comfy heels.


  4. Although it's a comfortable shoe I don't think I like the look of it. I'll keep saving up so I can get myself a pair of christian louboutin's very prives...apparently also very comfortable but closer to $800 :( . Only Cloud9 in Gaysorn carries Louboutins and I can't imagine how much they are going to cost me if I buy them there!

  5. Not sure, flexible soles can in themselves lead to comfort. The sole may feel soft but the overall comfort depends on many things, not one. In some respects, firm design may be better than too flexible a sole.


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