Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is Kate Middleton becoming anorexic?

It's been said, Kate Middleton is the new "fashion icon". Whatever she touches, it turns into gold. Whatever she wears, you bet, it's sold out in minutes.

Is she aware of her being a fashion icon? Is she capitalizing on this new title by making it a career to keep losing weight? Or is she simply having a wedding after effect?

Kate Middleston is too skiny
Kate Middleton went from size 6 to size 2
When I saw her during the wedding, I gushed about her figure, admiring her very tiny waist and model-like body. She was a very beautiful bride. But then seeing her photos after the honeymoon, I started to feel worried about her even smaller arms. She simply looked very thin, not the kind of normal, healthy figure.

I would like her to maintain that same weight she had during the wedding. A lot of people were already worried about it but I was fine with it. But dropping even more pounds is no longer healthy. I don't support any more weight loss of her.

Indeed, her weight loss is her own business, however, now that she apparently has become a "fashion icon",  her weight becomes everyone's concern. People copy her style, fans purchase whatever she wears, not surprisingly, these flock of followers will go to the extreme too, if only they could have her look.

And that makes things dangerous not only to Kate Middleton, but also to a lot of women who are mislead by the thought of "small size means pretty".

I hope she realizes that her weight loss is approaching the danger zone, as health experts have pointed, and that she better start eating more healthily.

What do you think of Kate Middleton's weight lose?


  1. She was the same size as me (size 6) before the wedding and she looked fine and healthy to me. I understand dropping a size for your wedding but I think she has gone too far. She looks extremely unhealthy. I would think if she wanted to get lean or tone up she would look better, but it looks like she is just loosing fat and gaining no muscle. Which makes her look anorexic.

    She looked fine before and I hope she doesn't go too far. :(

  2. While I love her style...i am in no way in love with her figure. Even on her wedding day...i felt she was waay too thin and was concerned about the media gushing over her "amazing" body.

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  3. Interesting post!

  4. @Heidi,

    I agree, she simply is losing fats and not gaining muscles. I believe she's relying mainly on her Dunkan diet and not doing any gym anymore, like she used too.

    Not taking the essential meal is leading her to the danger zone. I hope she gets help quick.

  5. @Natasha,

    I think that the media is to blame here. Kate is facing too much pressure in keeping with the beauty set by the media that she forgets to stay healthy.

    Have you read that article written about her and Nicole Kidman? The media ridiculed Nicole due to appearing too plump beside Kate. Nonsense. Nicole is healthy, but the media can really be bitch.

  6. She keeps getting thinner, doesn't she? I imagine the life of a royal must be very demanding and hectic. She is a bit too thin, but I would hope that her family and loved ones would get her help if she was suffering from a disorder...!


  7. So interesting. I didn't realize she'd dropped to a size 2. I wonder if the stress is contributing? I love her wardrobe choice, but they would look just as amazing on a size 6 Kate! Or even a size 12 Kate!! Thoughtful post!!
    Dressology HQ

  8. She was the PERFECT size during the wedding. She is a beautiful woman no matter what size she is.

    I am shocked that she seems to be getting thinner. I think she just realized how much she is going to be in the spotlight from now on and that has made a big impact on how she perceives her she keeps trying to get thinner?

    Hopefully when all the fuss dies down and she gets used to the lifestyle and being in the public eye, she will start to relax on the weight loss...

  9. She has amazing body.So that she looking gorgeous whatever she dressed up. I like the most her hair style and her deeply smile which slouching me..


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