Friday, May 18, 2012

Is Kate Middleton´s Dress at 'African Cats' Film Premiere Dated?

When I saw Kate Middleton´s dress at 'African Cats' film premiere, I have nothing but praises. From her hair to her "less but more" dress with her husband escorting her so adorably, she´s an elegant picture of the next Queen.

If you´ll ask me what I think of the dress, I´ll tell you that it´s something simple with enough details to make it standout. Kate Midleton definitely rocked this dress by Matthew Williamson. But fact is, not every women will be able to give justice to this dress the way Kate did.

Unfortunately, haters are everywhere so you´ll hear critics saying that this dress looks like one of her old clothes brought to her tailor for a bedazzle update. From the padded shoulders, the peplum and boring color, this dress is definitely dated!

Are these critics criticizing Kate or the designer? Oh well, clearly, they´re criticizing Kate for her taste of choosing the dress in the first place.

For me, I love how gorgeous she looks in the dress, she´s very elegant, she looks confident and she definitely shone out. That´s all that matters.

What are your thoughts? Do you hate/love Kate Middleton´s dress? Do you think it´s dated?

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