Monday, August 13, 2012

Halter Dress from La Redoute Product Review

I was given a £50 limit to choose a product from La Redoute to review. There are lots of pretty and colorful dresses to choose that taking just one is hard. However, when I saw this plain dress with cutaway shoulders and drawstring tie in midnight blue, I didn´t hesitate to choose it at all. Yes, it´s a plain monochrome but I knew immediately how I´d wear and style it. I knew I could make it look gorgeous.


This A-line dress is made of polyester and is completely lined. Polyester is not your best bet for clothing when the weather is too warm but when I wore it to a 20°C temperature, it´s completely comfortable.

I love its cutaway style to show off my shoulders while the drawstring on the neckline creates a halter effect. This midnight blue dress comes without a belt. If worn loose, the hems hit quite below my knees and it doesn´t flatter me. So I added a wide black belt to cinch the waist and to give me shape.

I sticked to black additionals - black wide belt and black peep-toe ankle boots - to maintain elegance. That´s right, this dress is very elegant. To wear it to a night party, I´d simply swap the boots with a black strappy heel or a metallic (silver) pump.

You might think that this look is too dark? Well, add a bright clutch or shoulder bag to provide contrast. See the look below.


Used to retail at £49 price, this halter dress is currently on sale for 70% off. You can get this dress now for only £14.70 but see if they still have your size.

So tell me darlings, what do you think of this dress? Do you like my look? How would you wear this blue halter dress?

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