Sunday, April 7, 2013

Designer Vogue Sunglasses Review

I´m fortunate to have been asked by a representative of Sunglasses Shop to review one of their designer sunglasses. I got to choose from brands such as Ralph Lauren to DKNY. While I had a hard time making up my mind, I was captivated most by the Vogue sunglasses. Thus, I chose it.

It´s Vogue 2778SB, £94.00 (GBP).
I´m not sure if I´ve been wired to patronize anything that´s vogue or is it because I´m a regular subscriber of Vogue magazine? But what I know is that the style of this Vogue sunglasses impressed me. It truly embodies its name - elegant in black, well-defined shape, super fabulous sideview design, and top UV protection.

I´m not a brand snob when it comes to sunglasses, I do have a couple of non-designer shades. But since my first purchase of a non-branded, it didn´t take long before I figured that investing in a designer sunglasses is a must just as much as I invest in designer shoes.

Make sure to invest in designer sunglasses much as you´d invest in designer shoes.
While some cheap sunglasses can fake it really well, what they couldn´t fake is the quality and level of protection designer sunglasses could give. When in one instance I wore cheap sunglasses under the sun whole day, I reaped a very bad headache in the evening due to my eyes. I realized that while I didn´t get blinded by the sun thanks to my glasses, I wasn´t entirely protected from the sun. And the effect dawned on me shortly thereafter.

The designer sunglasses come with a sophisticated zip case.
To really test this Vogue sunglasses, I waited until the weather is nice and the sun is up. As you know, while it´s already spring, it´s still rainy, gloomy, and occasionally snowy in my part of the world. Fortunately it was sunny today and I got to stay under the sun for a while, despite the chill, to see how good this sunglasses could protect my eyes. It´s definitely great and it does its job! I can say that it´s not just made for fashion, it´s also for a hundred percent protection.

I totally love this product and so far, it´s my second best after my beloved Dior sunglasses.

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  1. You look great.,. Since its summer na here sa pinas, we need a trusted sunglasses to protect us from the heat of the sun...



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