Sunday, May 19, 2013

H&M Outlet in Our City Opened Last Week, But It´s Boring

I was always up to date regarding the building and opening of H&M outlet store here in our tiny city in Germany. My husband works for an engineering firm which was hired to handle the planning and drawing for this mall. My husband was personally involved, he drew the construction plan of the building.

Through him I knew how long the construction would take and when exactly would the outlet open. It was supposed to start operating in April, but it was postponed to May.

After more than half a year of waiting, I was so excited that H&M finally opened last week, Thursday. I made sure I go shop on the first day. There was a sea of shoppers and everyone seemed like frantic to get everything. I walked around in each of the four floors, but my excitement was replaced with a surged of disappointment. I thought, "Seriously? Is this what I´ve been looking forward all these months?"

I hardly found anything to bring home. Honestly, I felt like most of the displays were nothing creative. And many of the items looked cheap. Generally, the displays looked depressing.

I planned to spend time digging through the displays however, in less then thirty minutes, I found myself outside the mall. I did posed for a souvenir photo, you´ll see me here carrying my purchases which include a clutch and some socks for hubby.

I have a friend from Montreal who commented on my photo in facebook. She asked if I found good stuff in our H&M because according to her, she went to H&M Montreal last week but it was boring. Well, I told her, she just echoed my mind.

What about you? Is there an H&M outlet in your area too? How do you find it? Do you think H&M is getting boring in general?


  1. You are not alone in the boring H&M world. H&M opened here in Jacksonville, Florida and well it didn't live up to it's excitement. We only have 2 floors but there is one small floor of just woman's clothes and upstairs the men and children's clothes have to share a space. They put in a escalator and all I am thinking is they could of saved space with just building stairs! LOL
    There wasn't much selection and what was there - wasn't my style or not very much exciting.
    I have heard that the H&M in NYC and London are really good. I have been to the one in San Francisco and that one is really nice! It's quite huge and had lots of store space but it was incredibly busy. :(

  2. It seems that this is a world wide problem with H&M. The H&M outlet in Frankfurt is big and the products are better. I didn´t see the H&M in Bangkok because it was opened after I left. But I´d definitely be giving it a check when i come visit this August.


Thank you for your time and for your sweet comments. I assure to visit you back shortly. Hugs :)