Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Heidi Klum Wears Fierce Animal Print Combination to the Airport

For a while I don´t understand why I´m not a fan of Heidi Klum´s style. Well, this outfit probably explains why.

If you´ve been following my blog for sometime now, you would get the idea that I adore animal print. But I´m also an advocate for minimalism - less is more. Just what is wrong with this look? Can you actually wear zebras and cheetahs and pythons ... all at once?

Well guess what? To give Heidi´s effort some credits, she did try to tone the prints down with her black leather jacket, black skinnies, and black pants. But why is it that the result is still seem like mess?

If you ask me, I´d tell you that what Heidi is wearing would give me two outfits. First, I´d wear the dress, which has both the zebra and cheetah print, as is teamed with black pumps. I imagine that this dress is sleeveless. Your bare shoulders and legs are best to neutralize the two wild prints.

For the second outfit? I´d swap the animal print dress with a pink tunic. Layer over the bright tunic the black leather jacket and pair with black skinnies and black pumps. The python print bag would take center stage.

What do you think? Is Heidi´s too overly wild outfit a hit or a miss?

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