Friday, September 25, 2015

My Outfit: Short Knitted Poncho + Fringed Cowboy Boots

There is something naturally sophisticated with ponchos, something I can´t clearly explain other than that … they transform a simple outfit into kind of glam.

I love pulling out my ponchos from the back of my closet in early fall, and occasionally, in late spring. I wear them with skinny denim jeans or denim shorts with tall boots.

Last weekend was probably the last sunny weekend we could have after summer. It was chilly but not too cold. And it was bright.

So I opted for a black pullover, light washed denim shorts, a tan knitted short poncho and a pair of matching, tan knee high boots that features a hint of fringe and a silhouette of cowboy.

It does not clearly show in the pictures, but this is a fringe on fringe look. Hint: Fringe is back as a big trend for fall.

There are outfits that make me feel sexy … and this look is one of them.

Every Friday afternoon hubby and I go out for a date. Sometimes he takes me to a late lunch in a restu, sometimes for a shopping treat, sometimes to show me some parts of our city that I haven´t seen yet, but mostly just to stroll around the heart of the city.

Since I work from home, I´m in isolation the entire week. I can use some time going out and seeing people. 

I liked what hubby was wearing that Friday—some casual joggers and shoes from Zara Man—a totally relaxed get-go. He´s always behind the camera, the guy responsible for my awesome photos, and thankfully, for a couple of shots he allowed me to take over the camera.

In fact, we were just using my smartphone for these pics.

I´m a little depleted now after a long week of research and writing articles for my pro blogs. And there´s still a magazine layout design for my quarterly Christian magazine which deadline is looming. I worked and worked, and yet I feel that I didn´t even accomplished half of the goals I aimed for this week.

I always have to remind myself to only do what I can do for today. Somehow, it helps me not to feel upset when I fall short of my self-imposed short-term goals, which is most of the time. Yay!

Weekend is here to be enjoyed. I wish you a fabulous weekend, darlings!

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