Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Surprise Baby Shower for Our Bundle of Joy

Last Saturday I had one of the biggest surprises in my life … a surprise baby shower!

Hubby and I were supposed to spend our afternoon strolling in the city because it was nice weather when we received a call from my mother-in-law to go to her place for something important. When we arrived, ta-daaaa … my MIL´s friends were waiting for us with their gifts.

I was really touched by their thoughtfulness, I never expected a shower party for my baby. I`m not used to people remembering me and giving me gifts. I didn´t get a bachelorette party for my wedding, didn´t receive wedding gifts from my colleagues, friends and family, not even a “congratulation” from aunts and relatives, na-da. Not that it was a biggie (definitely NOT if you aren´t expecting anything in the first place), but receiving lots of monetary wedding gifts from my husband´s side – his German friends, German colleagues and former colleagues, and Filipina aunts – made me compare.

Note: During the time when we got married I was living and working in Bangkok, Thailand, while my husband was already living in Germany where he grew up. We had the wedding in the Philippines. I only got to meet the people from my husband´s side who gave us gifts half a year after the wedding.

I´m a kind of person who, for most of my life, was used to giving but not to receiving. I gave and gave but very rarely take.

The chiffon cake + hopia (with unions) are some of my usual cravings during this pregnancy.

The only person who made me feel special and spoiled me with gifts is my husband. Since our dating days and until/after getting married, he´s showered me with flowers + chocolates, gifts, love and care, and of course, lots of attention. And then there´s also my mother-in-law who´s generous in giving me gifts on my birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and randomly in-between.

But to have some friends, who aren´t even very close to me, organize a baby shower for my soon-to-be-here baby was a foreign experience for me. I couldn´t hide my happiness. I was full of gratitude.

The gifts they got for me were mostly basic but crucial things for a newborn and a new mom right after giving birth. Many of the things they gave me I didn´t even know about, so they also oriented me on how to use them or what they´re for.

Nope, Joseph the cat wasn´t one of the gifts. :)
And we´re having a boy. Like daddy like baby socks.
Our cat Orange also joined the party.
Ate Pinky, a mother of two + the organizer for the suprise baby shower, giving me some briefing.

They also baked my favorite cake, the chiffon, and the hopia with union fillings known as “Hopia Baboy” in the Philippines. Certainly lots of thoughtfulness they had for me. What a beautiful day I got.

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