Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My Outfit - Back and Ready to Conquer in Baby Blue, Cozy Sweater

It´s been a long while since I published My Outfit posts on this blog. In fact, it´s been a long while since I did an outfit photo shoot. I had stopped doing photo shoots since I became pregnant with my son, but now that my baby is already a toddler and I´m starting to relax, I´m planning to go back to doing photo shoots.

This outfit I´m wearing in the photo above was taken at our church one Sabbath afternoon. Here you can see me taking a quick rest from chasing my super active toddler before I went back to chasing some more.

 I`m wearing a baby blue sweater with fluffy sleeves – I´m really loving big fluffy sleeves this year – which I mixed with a leather maxi skirt in dark floral print. This look received lots of compliments from friends and I wasn´t surprised. I knew it´s a gorgeous outfit, I felt beautiful in it.

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