Sunday, March 3, 2019

Loving My Halter Bikini: UKSwimwear Product Review

When this Gottex Rosetta Halter Bikini arrived for review a while back (sometime in spring), I was ecstatic! I love its print – abstract art and modern sculpture – which is actually the first reason I chose this product to review. But to my dismay, the bikini was quite big on me. Despite its gorgeous look, it wasn´t flattering my figure. At the time I was a size 0, and this bikini, which is a size UK8 (size 2), was the smallest available.

So the bikini slept in my drawer for months.

But then the past three months I got very, very busy. And if I´m to be honest, I also got very, very lazy to exercise. Lo and behold I put on 3.5 kilos. When I tried the bikini again, it fitted perfectly! This august we experienced the peek of summer. Off to the swimming pools we went, but mostly to baby swimming pools so my toddler son could have a blast! Rocking the Gottext Rosetta made me a hot momma. Wearing it made me feel sexy, indeed. Haha!

When it comes to choosing a swimwear, I look for pieces that shows off my wide hips and enhances my flat chest. I need cups that give me an illusion of a bigger chest. A halter style with foam lined cups usually allows me to achieve this. A hipster brief always shows off my hips and my rounded bottom.

Because the bikini top has self tie straps, it can be adjusted according to my size. So even if I´ll gain more weight in the future, or if my size fluctuates, it will adjust accordingly. And since the bikini bottom is stretchy, it will go with my body changes as well.

If you´re not sure how to pick your swimwear, read my 12 Tips to Help You Choose Your Perfect Swimwear. Or if you just need inspiration, How to Look Fabulous in Swimsuit with Color and Details.

This Gottex Rosetta Halter Bikini is made in Morocco. It´s 72% Polyamid and 28% Elastane. Priced at £104.95, off from £144.95, this designer piece is a stunning investment. It´s currently available only in Uk size 10. Size 8 must be sold out. However, UKSwimwear has the biggest designer swimwear collection. From swimsuits to bikinis and beachwear, including the many trendy pieces, they offer a wide array of options.

If you need to update your go-to swimwear, go ahead and check out UKSwimwear. For example, you may love their stunning collection of animal print swimsuits. I`m a huge lover of animal print so I`m obsessed with their collection. In fact, the first swimsuit I chose to review was an animal print but it was only available in bigger sizes. If you´re into sporty look, they have a category for that as well. And of course, if you´re into the high-neck trend, especially if you have the runway-coveted broad shoulders, you will surely be amazed with their beautiful pieces.

Disclaimer: I get to keep the product after reviewing it. I didn´t receive monetary compensation to write this review. All thoughts and opinion are mine.

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